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Jackson Lawyers Assist Clients with Divorce Order Modifications

Thorough attorneys help adjust alimony and custody arrangements in West Tennessee

Divorce is not always the end of issues that may arise between you and your former spouse. Substantial changes in either party’s circumstances might require modifying the original alimony and child custody orders in the divorce decree. Whether you seek a modification or oppose one, Grant & Sain, PLLC in Jackson is ready to represent your interests with the strong advocacy and personal attention you deserve.

Skilled counselors handle alimony modifications due to changed circumstances

Just as courts consider a number of factors in deciding whether to award alimony in a divorce decree, there are several circumstances under which either ex-spouse may have grounds for reducing or increasing the amount of alimony or eliminating it entirely. When alimony recipients remarry, spousal support automatically terminates. If a recipient moves in with a partner and the ex-spouse seeks a reduction or termination in alimony, the alimony recipient will have the burden of proving they are entitled to receive the same amount or, at least, a reduced amount.

The court also has discretion to modify alimony based on other significant changes in the parties’ situations, such as:

  • Changes in the incomes and earning capacities of either or both of the ex-spouses
  • Changes in the supported ex’s needs
  • The termination of child support
  • The sale of the family home
  • Inability of the supported ex-spouse to become independent within the expected time frame
  • Violation of the divorce decree by either party

Whether you seek to modify alimony or oppose a change, we draw on our knowledge as family law attorneys to analyze your situation, determine the best facts and arguments in favor of your position and present them to the judge. In no case should you just stop making payments — any changes must be approved by the court.

Proven advocates assist with child custody modifications to protect your child’s best interests

To modify child custody, you not only need to prove a significant change in circumstances but you also must show that the modification is in the best interests of your child. Moreover, Tennessee courts prefer to maintain a stable environment for children, so courts are likely to maintain existing arrangements unless they are presented with a good reason to change them.

The court may, however, grant a modification in a custody order under circumstances in which:

  • The custodial parent proves to be an unfit parent.
  • The existing arrangement is creating problems for the child.
  • The custodial parent marries or moves in with someone whose actions, character or mental condition make them unfit to be with the child.
  • The custodial parent or his or her new partner is abusive toward the child.
  • Spousal abuse creates problems for the child.
  • The custodial parent seeks to relocate out of state or more than 50 miles away.

If you seek to modify a custody order or want to maintain custodial arrangements in the face of a petition to modify them, we will advocate for your interests and those of your children. Through a careful analysis of your situation, we will work to develop the best set of facts and arguments in favor of the result you seek and present them to the court.

Contact an experienced Jackson attorney to assist with custody and alimony modifications in Tennessee

Grant & Sain, PLLC, your local law firm in Jackson, provides capable advice and skilled representation to West Tennessee clients in alimony and child custody modifications. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, call 731-256-7477 or contact us online.

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