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Jackson Alimony Attorney Seeks Results in Divorce

Tennessee lawyer experienced in pursuing or fighting spousal support

Many see divorce as the end of a marriage and relationship. But if alimony is an issue, the entanglements can last much longer. Whether you are claiming spousal support or seeking to avoid or modify a support order, it is essential to retain experienced counsel who is not afraid to fight for you in the courtroom. At Grant & Sain, PLLC in Jackson, Tennessee, we provide professional and aggressive representation in all of our family law cases.

Knowledgeable attorneys can craft an alimony solution that works for you

Tennessee’s alimony laws are designed to accommodate spouses in various situations after a divorce. There are four types of alimony, varying by type and duration:

  • Transitional —This short-term type of award and is meant to help a supported spouse get his or her financial affairs in order after a divorce. It is most appropriate when both parties are of similar earning capacity or will get there shortly.
  • Rehabilitative — In many marriages, one spouse will stay home or sacrifice career or educational opportunities to enable the other spouse’s career. This longer-term award is designed to provide support for the lesser-earning spouse while he or she goes to school or trains for a new career.
  • In futuro (periodic) — This long-term, indefinite support is awarded where a party likely will never be self-supporting due to age, disability, lack of career skills or other reasons. An example is a spouse who did not work throughout a very long marriage.
  • In solido (lump sum) — This type of alimony often is awarded when one party has to pay for the other’s legal expenses or when one party wants to buy the other out of marital property. The court awards a lump sum, sometimes payable in installments. Those payments continue even if the receiving spouse remarries and are debts payable to their estate if they die.

There is a great deal of flexibility and discretion when it comes to awarding alimony. We use our experience and skill to advocate for a solution that best serves our client, whether we represent the paying or supported spouse.

Creative lawyers understand the factors that influence alimony determinations

Tennessee’s alimony statute outlines a dozen factors for the court to consider when deciding on the type and terms of alimony, including a catch-all: “such other factors …. as are necessary.”

Some of the factors that the court is required by law to consider are the parties’ earning capacity, education and training, physical condition (or disability) and separate assets. The court also factors in the length of the marriage, the ages of the parties and whether one party has stayed home to raise the children or will have primary child custody after the divorce. The court may even weigh the parties’ relative fault in causing the divorce, such as whether marital funds were diverted to pay for an extramarital affair.

The battle over spousal support is won or lost based upon not only the evidence but also the creativity and advocacy of the spouses’ attorneys. We make sure to advance the best arguments and present the strongest proof available to secure good results for our clients in relation to support obligations.

Contact a Jackson alimony lawyer for aggressive representation

Alimony can often be a contentious issue in a divorce. At Grant & Sain in Jackson, Tennessee, our family law attorneys make it a priority to work for support solutions that meet our clients’ needs. To schedule a consultation, call 731-256-7477 or contact us online.

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